Book Launch ’15 POEMS’ by Jason Bauer

Oilcan Press and The Carlton Arms Hotel is pleased to invite you to book launch 15 POEMSby Jason Bauer. November 7th, 2017, 7pm-9pm

‘In Between Skies and Water’, paintings by Paule Darmon

Artbreak Gallery at The Carlton Arms Hotel presents IN BETWEEN THE SKIES AND WATERS, a solo show of 'ELEMENTS' inspired works by French artist Paule Darmon.

Opening reception June 22, 6-9

Heather Gabel: HYBRID

The Carlton Arms’ Artbreak gallery is pleased to announce HYBRID, a solo show of new works by multidisciplinary artist Heather Gabel. The two part show features Gabel’s collage works alongside an ephemeral installation in a separate space.

Opening reception May 27, 6-9

VISCERA – new works by Alex Wolkowicz

The Carlton Arms’ Artbreak gallery is excited to present VISCERA, an exhibition of new work by Alex Wolkowicz, the artist’s first solo show in New York. She is exhibiting a series of pigment prints on paper, taken from her Viscera textile sculptures together with an installation of the sculptures themselves in the context of an ambient soundscape.

Opening reception May 11, 6-9

A Cat May Look at a King or Queen

Artbreakhotel Gallery invites you to A CAT MAY LOOK AT A KING OR QUEEN, exhibition of works by Matt Jensen.

Artbreakhotel Gallery presents ‘8 FIGURES’ by Ivey Balderson

Artbreakhotel Gallery invites you to 8 FIGURES, exhibition of new works by Ivey Balderson

Dual Exhibition ‘TABLEAU & AUSPICIOUS’ by Brian Dowdall and Alison Spiesman

Artbreakhotel Gallery at The Carlton Arms Hotel presents dual exhibition T&A Tableau And Auspicious by Brian Dowdall VISIONARY and Alison Spiesman CONTEMPORARY. March 11-19, 2016.

“Ghosts” by Helen Oliver Adelson

The Carlton Arms Hotel is pleased to present ‘Ghosts’, a solo exhibition of paintings by Helen Oliver Adelson. ‘Ghosts’ consists of a selected group of recent works that examine the artist’s exchange of energy with her subjects and depicts the tension between presence and absence in her portraiture and architectural landscapes. Her paintings are as much about the figures and places they portray as they are about the negative space, the void surrounding them. HOA’s landscapes are places looking back at us whilst her portraits express a person’s inner landscape, questioning what’s behind the mask/facade.

“Whiskey and Ice Cubes or coffee and cake”, Dan Stuart’s Retrospective

Through the years one would find Dan Stuart in unique spots in the city. Sometimes across street from the zoo in Central Park, others on a corner in Loisaida, under an old a tree in the Village or by the water near Brooklyn Bridge, mild days of winter, cloudy summer evenings. Canvasses, paints and brushes all over, he isn’t there to get inspired for his paintings – easily done in sleepless nights at his small studio in Brooklyn. No, he’s there to tell you a story…If you have a few bucks to spend, he would sell you one or two of his small paintings and if he likes you, he would give you a tip for Sunday afternoon horse race at Yonkers. A master story-teller, he could walk you for hours into the streets of flavorful, rich New York stories, his own, filled with all the drama, suspense and fascinating characters good novels have.