Ivey Balderson
room 2C

Magical figures are coming out of the blank walls of room 2C as Ivey Balderson struggles with his tools and mixes of "yeso" and other materials to create an unique universe of his own where his characters, forms and shapes colide and interact in what seems to be a peaceful dialogue. The artist's transformation of the walls of 2C will be shown in March.


Albin Wiberg
room 14C

"Painting to me is relieving and expressing a mood or a feeling from inside, subconscious as well as registrations and interpretations of everyday life social, emotional and general. I do whatever it takes to create that certain feeling." says Albin Wiberg who came from Sweden to participate in our art project. In two weeks of work he expressed himself in the walls of 14C and marked NYC with his art.


Katie Merz
room 14B

It's great for the Carlton Arms Art Project to have Katie Merz commited to paint one of our rooms.
From Brooklyn, NY, Katie is nationally know for her particular paintings, murals and projects. She is what we call an "iconic" New York artist and having her paintings in our walls make us proud.



Eléonore Josso
room 7D

Parisian artist Eléonore Josso showed her latest beautiful works at the Artbreak Hotel Gallery in 2011 in an exhibit titled "Tempest in a Teapot."
This year she came back to participate in the Carlton Arms Art Project and took her art to the walls of room 7D.

Young, talented and infatigable, her works have been part of numerous exhibits in different cities in Europe and the US.




Alex Wolkowicz
room 8D

Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK and Bonn/Germany.

Her work explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things. Essentially tactile and documentary, her work springs from her experience with photography, performance, theatre and the creation of unique representations of places, things and histories. She works with still and moving imagery often with the addition of sound.




Christina Dallas
Photo exhibit in rooms 1A & 3A

Christina Dallas is a American artist and photographer who's work is installation based,and not digitally composed. Her photographs are created from her installations, which are set up for the camera.
Her work seeks to speak of the magical and spiritual properties of photography. The camera as a tool of documentation that captures matter and acts as a conduit of light. She will be exhibiting both her photographies and an installation.




Darek Solarski
"Dirty Laundry Darkroom"
Photo exhibit in room 4A

Darek Solarski, NY artist, photographer and musician has been involved with the Carlton Arms Art Project for almost 10 years.
Among other works he created room 11A in 2006 and the lobby's mural 'Foyer Wall' in 2007.
Over the years, his photographs of events and artists working in the hotel rooms accumulated to an interesting body of work that can be described as documentary, abstract, bizarre.



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