“The most powerful art is work that defies definition, so that it cannot be drawn into traditional semantic interpretation.  It is then allowed to exist in an area belonging to the infinite.  Art making has the capacity to create this uniquely tacit experience. – Ivey Balderson

Artist’s reception “8 FIGURES” by Ivey Balderson, May 6th, 2016

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The Artbreakhotel Gallery was created to continue and expand a magnificent artistic heritage and is a tribute to an expansion of the hotel’s original vision and its thirty year patronage of artists.

The gallery project started by the end of the year 2007 at a big loft in Grand Street in  Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  and  moved a few years ago to a smaller place within the walls and the atmosphere of the Carlton Arms Hotel in 25th Street in Manhattan (www.artbreakgallery.com). It features contemporary painting, sculptures and photographs.

Some of the artist who have shown their work at Artbreakhotel Gallery in recent years include Helen Oliver Adelson, NY based photographer Aneta Bartos, visionary artist Brian Dowdall & Alison Spiesman, Alex Wolkowicz, Fraciscus & Franciscus, Jeffrey Schweitzer, Magnus Irvin, Rafael Gluckstern, Ivey Balderson, Paco Simon, Alison Nguyen, Darek Solarski.