“The Carlton Arms, where the atmosphere suggests a set from a Tennessee Williams play, a Fellini movie and a Kerouac novel.” – NY Daily News

“The Carlton Arms Hotel, one of New York’s most remarkable and under-celebrated bohemian art enclaves.” – Stacey Anderson, Newsweek
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“A little bit Tom Waits, a little bit B-52’s, a little bit Jim Jarmush (“Mystery Train”), a little bit “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” – David Herndon, Newsday

“Not merely a bohemian-dive hotel but a constantly evolving conceptual art-project, the Carlton Arms boasts some of the most striking quarters in Manhattan.” – The Independent, London

“A live-in museum.” – People Magazine


“It’s the cheapest, hippest deal in town.” – Elle Magazine

“It’s a riot of visual cacophony-each room is a site-specific installation, each hallway a trip through somebody else’s dreamspace.” – New York Newsday

“Trust a host of foreign students and travelers to have discovered this Gramercy hideout where up-and-coming artists from all over the globe take their talent to the walls.” – Elle Magazine

“Through word of mouth and by advertising to a thrifty European clientele, the Carlton Arms has become a watering hole for arty eccentrics, a kind of downscale Chelsea Hotel for the 90s.”
Ed Morales, The Village Voice

“It ain’t no Holiday Inn, but it’s good art: rooms of it. It might be the perfect place for a very dirty weekend.”
Aliox Sharkey, Sunday Times