Described as a ‘live-in museum’ by People Magazine, the Carlton Arms Hotel ( Artbreak Hotel ) through its Carlton Arms Art Project, has become a vibrant permanent exhibition of art, with every room and every inch of space covered with the incredible colorful work of artists from all over the world.

This art-in-residence program started in the early 80’s when The Carlton Arms Hotel was a depressing and dark welfare hotel. As rooms were vacated, they were no longer re-rented, but instead were scrubbed, repaired and given to artists to express their ideas.

The Carlton Arms Art Project, residence program has attracted dozens of artists from all over the world.

It offers the artists free room and stay in New York City for the time needed to complete their project plus all the materials needed included.

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, the latest opening of new rooms took place on March 9th, 2016.

If you’re interested in participating, email hotel at, subject “art project.”

“The building is alive, ever changing, but what really continues to give it life are the people who imprint themselves, their art and their spirit upon this place.”

– John Ogren, manager

Over 150 artists contributed to the Carlton Arms Art Project since 1984. Below is the list of most, but probably not all the artist as the documentation in the early days was more sparse.

Helen Oliver Adelson, Linda Emily Al-Ghussein, Xavier Alves, Mouna Andraos, Steven Appleby, Hugo Arizmendi, Christian Aschman, Christina Back, Ivey Balderson, Banksy, Jay Baron, Jon Barraclough, Sabine Benninger, Dan Bern, Big Liz, Jim Bilgere, Tom Billings, Elodie Boutry, Andre Bowen, Kari Braman, Marijke Brinkhof, Heinz Burghard, T.J. Byrne, Stevens Carter, Cern, Andre Charles, Thais Charbonnet, Anibal Ciccardi, Andrea Clinton, Josy Cobb, Colmat, Fabian Compton, Elisha Cook Jr., David Cooper, Gina Cortes, Brian Damage, Nathalie Daoust, Philippa Dawkins, David W, Elisa Decker, Jennifer Sands Deane, Clara De Jesus, Julie Dermansky, Gerarddiaz, Rodney Dickson, Diorama Queens, Irene Dogmatic, Gil Dominguez, Brian Dowdall, Noelle Elia, Claire Favretto, James Zirco Fisher, Scott Forbes, Doug Ford, Bettino Francini, Frans Franciscus, Teal Fraser, Garance, Rafael Gluckstern, Geof Green, Kath Green, Bruno Hadjadj, Richard Hambleton, Tanya Hampshire, Olivia Hamlyn, Demian Henriques, Sam Henriques, Brigitte Henry, Robert Hernandez, Andrew Hickey, Claire Hickey, Diza Hope, Ty Inwood, Magnus Irvin, Christine Jean, Eleonore Josso, Freddy Jouwaye, Jonah Kamphorst, Billi Kid, Julius Klein, Christine Koenig, Jeff Kolasinski.

Dominique Lagneaux, Blaide Lallemand, Jane Lane, Sheila Lawson, Raken Leaves, Kid Lew, Robert Lewis, Danielle Lesniewski, Jackie Levitt, Ronny Lischinski, Julie Lisowski, Hope London, Leslie Lowe, Bobby MaGee Lopez with the Manhattan Mural Project, Andi Luzi, Marguerite Malfy, Diana Manni, Tatsuya Masuda, Gabriele Undine Meyer, Venus de Mars, T.P. Moynihan, Jim and Karla Murray, Neal Nelson, John Noyola, Issa Nyaphaga, Rob O’Connor, Yunichi Ochi, Fabian Olovson, Onek, Ottjorg A.C, Karl Pichler, Aaron Porter, Lynette Reini-Grandell, Jason Roberson, Greg Rogers, Michael Roller, Rachel Rowberry, Jack Ryan, Hiram Santiago, Mikiko Sato, Matt Saunders, Christian Schilling, Anna Schmidt, Jeffrey Schweitzer, Phillys Segura, Matthew Septimus, Robert Seven, Eva Silverman, Paco Simon, Darek Solarski, Alison Spiesman, Dan Stuart, Bruno Tanquerel, Emil Tibell, Miriam Tobias, Mike Tyler, Toye, Josette Urso, Andre Van Der Kerkhoff, Vernell, Jean Michel Verret, Cara Vida, H. Walters, Albin Wiberg, Mark Winkler, Alex Wolkowicz.

Older rooms can be seen in our archive pages 1985-1990, 1991-1995, 1996-2000, 2000’s

Current rooms are organized by their location A floor, B floor, C floor, D floor